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Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa

A Chelsea House Title

Louise Chipley Slavicek

Narrated by Julie Williams

Available from Audible

Book published by Chelsea House

Mother Teresa is one of the most admired Nobel laureates of all time. Born in Eastern Europe of Albanian parents, she became a Catholic missionary nun in India when she was still a teenager. After teaching in a convent school in Calcutta for nearly two decades, in 1946 she claimed that she heard God calling her to live and work among "the poorest of the poor" in that city’s slums. With the assistance of the religious order she founded, the Missionaries of Charity, over the next half-century Mother Teresa devoted herself to society’s forgotten and unwanted, not only in India but in countries all over the globe. Mother Teresa is a stirring biography of a woman who gave voice to those most often ignored and neglected by society at large, and whose name has forever become synonymous with tireless charity.

Chelsea House titles offer informative, well written introductions to a wide variety of subjects.


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