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Views from the Dark Side of American HistoryViews from the Dark Side of American History

Michael Fellman

Narrated by Bill Fisher

Available from Audible

Book published by Louisiana State University Press

Throughout his long and influential career, Michael Fellman has explored the tragic side of American history. Best known for his path-breaking work on the American Civil War and for an interdisciplinary methodology that utilizes social psychology, cultural anthropology, and comparative history, Fellman has delved into issues of domination, exploitation, political violence, racism, terrorism, and the experiences of war. Incorporating essays written over the past thirty years - two of them previously unpublished, and the others not widely available - Views from the Dark Side of American History reveals some of the major personal and scholarly concerns of his career and illuminates his approach to history, research, applied theory, and analysis.

Each essay includes a thought-provoking preface and afterword that situate it in its time and explore its intellectual and political contexts. Fellman also grapples with the personal elements of developing as a historian - the people with whom he argued or agreed with, the settings in which he gave or published the papers, and the subjective as well as historical issues that he addressed. The collection encourages history students, historians, and general readers of history to think through the layers of their historical engagement and to connect their personal experiences and social commitments to their explorations.

Michael Fellman is Professor Emeritus of History at Simon Fraser University, and the author of eight books, including In the Name of God and Country: Reconsidering Terrorism in American History; The Making of Robert E. Lee; Citizen Sherman: A Life of William T. Sherman; and Inside War: The Guerrilla Conflict in Missouri During the American Civil War.



1. Madison Daze

2. Shadows of the Holocaust: Jewish American Historians and the Black Slave Character

3. At the Nihilist Edge: Reflections on Guerilla Warfare during the American Civil War

4. Alligatormen and Cardsharpers: Deadly Southwestern Humor

5. Robert E. Lee: Myth and Man

6. Reflections on Inside War

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