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New York SportsNew York Sports

Glamour and Grit in the Empire City

Stephen Norwood

Narrated by Dean Collins

Available from Audible

Book published by The University of Arkansas Press

New York has long been both America’s leading cultural center and its sports capital, with far more championship teams, intracity World Series, and major prizefights than any other city. Pro football’s “Greatest Game Ever Played” took place in New York, along with what was arguably history’s most significant boxing match, the 1938 title bout between Joe Louis and Max Schmeling. As the nation’s most crowded city, basketball proved to be an ideal sport, and for many years it was the site of the country’s most prestigious college basketball tournament. New York boasts storied stadiums, arenas, and gymnasiums and is the home of one of the world’s two leading marathons as well as the Belmont Stakes, the third event in horse racing’s Triple Crown.

New York sportswriters also wield national influence and have done much to connect sports to larger social and cultural issues, and the vitality and distinctiveness of New York’s street games, its ethnic institutions, and its sports-centered restaurants and drinking establishments all contribute to the city’s uniqueness.

New York Sports collects the work of fourteen leading sport historians, providing new insight into the social and cultural history of America’s major metropolis and of the United States. These writers address the topics of changing conceptions of manhood and violence, leisure and social class, urban night life and entertainment, women and athletics, ethnicity and assimilation, and more.

Stephen Norwood is professor of history at the University of Oklahoma and the author of five books, including The Third Reich in the Ivory Tower, finalist for the National Jewish Book Award for Holocaust Studies, and Real Football. He was cowinner of the Macmillan-SABR Baseball Research Award.


“Editor Stephen Norwood brings together an impressive array of sport scholars to illuminate various themes and topics – from popular sport to ethnicity, from popular places and people to sporting spaces on the turf and streets – in what has always been the sports capital of America. … The collection is extensive in its breadth and depth of New York sports.”

Sport in American History

“This magisterial study of New York City’s sporting life does justice to the metropolis that has long been the epicenter of American sport. These well-crafted chapters pay homage to the city’s unparalleled sporting past, making you think and making you laugh. Yet it digs deeper, exploring the city’s role in shaping contemporary sport and showing why sport has been central to the story that New Yorkers tell about themselves and their city.”

—Rob Ruck, author of The Tropic of Football

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