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Helping Groups HealHelping Groups Heal

Leading Small Groups in the Process of Transformation

Jan Paul Hook, EdD, Joshua N. Hook, PhD and Don E. Davis, PhD

Narrated by T. J. Allen

Available from Audible

Book published by Templeton Press

Life with others is messy. The bonds we form are often the source that drives us to helping professionals like therapists and pastors in the first place. And yet, it is from these relation­ships that our greatest moments of healing spring. Recogniz­ing the value of relationships, pastors and therapists have been leading small therapeutic groups for years. Yet few lead­ers have a specific, easy-to-follow, and researched framework to structure their groups.

Helping Groups Heal presents “The Healing Cycle,” a grace-based model that facilitates healing and growth in groups. It has been tested with a variety of settings, and can be adapted to nearly any small group, from sex addiction therapy to marriage therapy to Bible studies.

The basic components of “The Healing Cycle” are grace, safety, vulnerability, truth, ownership, and confession. Helping Groups Heal guides the reader through these elements, offering case studies and practical advice from the voices of researchers and practitioners. Each chapter shows how “The Healing Cycle” moves its members to share their truth, own it, and make positive change in their lives. Each step of the process allows participants to move past surface issues and find depth in their understanding of their pain.

Whether you have been leading small groups for years or are about to lead your first session, Helping Groups Heal is an accessible, easy-to-follow guide through “The Healing Cycle” that will give each group member what’s needed to grow, relate, and heal.

Jan Paul Hook, EdD is a licensed clinical professional counselor (LCPC) in the state of Illinois. He does individual, marital, and group psychotherapy.

Joshua N. Hook, PhD is an associate professor of counseling psychology at the University of North Texas and is a licensed clinical psychologist (LCP). He has written four books, including Helping Groups Heal: Leading Small Groups in the Process of Transformation.

Don E. Davis, PhD is an assistant professor of psychology at Georgia State University. His research and writing focus on humility, forgiveness, and religion/spirituality.


“This is a guidebook or primer for people who lead Christian small groups, though some of its lessons can apply to such groups of almost any faith tradition. The advice here is direct and drawn from the experience of the authors.”

—Bill Tammeus, Association of Christian Counselors

“Leading a small group can be challenging for leaders, particularly if the leader does not have a specific structure in mind for his/her group. Yet, small groups can also be incredibly healing for people and well worth the challenges. In this brand-new book, authors Jan Paul Hook, Joshua Hook, and Don Davis introduce “The Healing Cycle,” a model that promotes healthy group development and healing. In today’s divisive times, small group ministries and healthy group relationships are increasingly important. Helping Groups Heal is a great resource for anyone working with groups.”

Midwest Book Review

“Thoroughly 'user friendly' in tone, commentary, organization and presentation, Helping Groups Heal is an accessible, easy-to-follow guide for non-specialist general readers through 'The Healing Cycle' that will give each group member what's needed to grow, relate, and heal.... [U]nreservedly recommended for both community and academic library Contemporary Psychology collections and supplemental studies lists.”

Church Health Reader

“This book is directed primarily at those who are leading or will lead a small group of some kind, whether a bible study or therapy group. However, the contents are beneficial for anyone who hopes to be more productive member of groups such as these.... [E]asily accessible to leaders with any level of experience.”

Psychology and Christianity

“The book has the ring of authenticity born out in my own experience. I suspect many seasoned clinicians will nod their head in agreement with the principles and practical tips these authors describe. What become part of one’s repertoire over years of experience, supervision, reading, and gleanings from workshops has been nicely summarized in one volume. I think this book would make a valuable contribution to counselor education programs.”

—Geoffrey W. Sutton

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