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Consuming Catastrophe

Netting the SunNetting the Sun

A Personal Geography of the Oregon Desert

Melvin R. Adams

Narrated by Nate Daniels

Available from Audible

Book published by Washington State University Press

Carefully woven Netting the Sun offers a diversity of natural and human stories from a landscape seemingly empty and forlorn to passing casual travelers. This surprising interpretation of south central Oregon’s botany, geology, climate, wildlife, ethnography, and history reveals what a truly special place the high desert is.

Born in the sagebrush community of Lakeview in 1941, the author moved on following high school graduation. But as with many native sons and daughters from America’s out-of-the-way places, the urge to return to his roots proved irresistible in middle age.

“I endeavored to write this collection about the Oregon desert because of my childhood there,” Adams writes, “but also because it is a place of startling mystery, subdued danger, and beauty.”

Melvin R. Adams has published two other books with WSU Press, both on southeastern Oregon: Netting the Sun: A Personal Geography of the Oregon Desert and Remote Wonders: An Explorer’s Guide to Southeast Oregon.

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