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Calling Out Liberty
Hold On with a Bulldog Grip
The Norman Conquest
Fitzgerald, Hemingway, and the Twenties
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Spider Web
Coast-to-Coast Empire
Indians and Emigrants
Being a Leader and Making Decisions

Being a Leader and Making Decisions

A Chelsea House Title

Tracey Baptiste

Narrated by Phoebe Zimmermann

Available from Audible

Book published by Chelsea House

Most communities and organizations require an organizer to be successful and create change. Being a Leader and Making Decisions tells the stories of great leaders—why they led, how they gained support and became leaders, and why people followed them. Through historical and modern examples, readers will learn about both positive and negative traits of leaders and find suggestions about how to take the lead in their own lives and communities. Topics covered include: leadership stories involving Mother Teresa, Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, and other famous examples; profiles in successful and unsuccessful corporate leadership, including tales from Google and Enron.

Chelsea House titles offer informative, well written introductions to a wide variety of subjects.


What Makes a Good Leader?

Thrust into Leadership

Inspirational Leadership

Leading in the Community

Leading at Work

Leading the Way

When Leadership Goes Bad

How You Can Be a Good Leader

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