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Body Language
Where Rivers Meet the Sea
Montgomery Bus Boycott and the Women Who Started It
Alvin York
minimum width for cell
Inside Reagan's Navy
A World to Live In
A Deeper Blue
Sex and the City


Audiobooks and Podcasts

Listen to Genius
Our sister site features free, downloadable recordings of many of the works of the greatest minds of history, read by award-winning narrators.

Progressive Audiobooks
Audiobooks from a left perspective.

Military Audiobooks
Audiobooks about wars, weapons, and strategy.

Teachers Audiobooks
Audiobooks about education.

American History Audiobooks
Audiobooks detailing the history of the USA.

A Few of our Mendocino Coast Neighbors

Bored Feet Press
Publisher and distributor of hiking guides, maps, and books on a wide variety of topics.

Cynthia Myers Art Glass
Beautiful designs etched onto bowls, glasses, windows, doors, and more.

Shelley Martin Gallery
Paintings, sculpture, and design by Shelley Martin

Bill Martin Gallery
An archive of the paintings and drawings of Bill Martin (1943-2008)

Bill Martin's Guide to Drawing
Extensive instruction in drawing. Topics include: "Basic Shapes and Forms", "Cast Shadows", "Linear Perspective", and "Composition"

Bill Martin's Guide to Oil Painting
Tutorials in the fine art of oil painting. Topics include "Materials", "Oil Painting Overview", "Matching Colors", and "Distance and Texture"

Under the Table Books
Stories, novels, music, and drawings by Todd Walton.

Navarro River Music
Cello music, teaching aids, and string camps by Marcia Sloane.

Garth Hagerman Photo/Graphics
The designer/developer of this site.

General Interest

Shirley Brice Heath
The projects and writings of scholar S.B. Heath.

Makindu Children's Centre
The Centre provides nutritional, medical and emotional support, access to basic education, and opportunities for vocational training for over 400 destitute AIDS orphans and other vulnerable children.

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