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The Rise of the Rich The Rise of the Rich

A New View of Modern World History

Peter Gran

Narrated by John Skinner

Approximately 11 hours


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Book published by Syracuse University Press

"The rise of the West" has long been the accepted doctrine for framing analyses of world history. Privileging a Eurocentric approach, this traditional paradigm obscures the significance of the indigenous rich in non-Western regions and fails to recognize the contributions of the Orient. In this book, Peter Gran seeks to reframe current historical debates, presenting a model of analysis based on the rise of the rich. Gran outlines the structure of this new paradigm, building upon metanarrative concepts from Marxism to liberalism.

Rather than a history of clashing civilizations, he identifies a history of resolving conflicts through negotiations among the wealthy classes of various regions. Fundamental to his theory is evidence demonstrating the existence of non-European ruling classes with power in interregional affairs. Far-reaching in its historical scope, Gran’s work lays the foundation for a critical rethinking of world history and offers a vital contribution to the field.

Peter Gran is professor of history at Temple University. He is the author of Islamic Roots of Capitalism: Egypt, 1760-1840 and Beyond Eurocentrism: A New Modern World History.


“The breadth of discussion in the text, combined with the breadth of citations in the notes, make this a world historian’s world history.”

—Patrick Manning, author of Navigating World History

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