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Becoming Ronald Reagan
The Battle of Lake Erie and Its Aftermath
The Last of His Mind
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The Dodge Brothers
Modern Bodies
A Child's Work
Circus Life

Anatomy of the PsycheAnatomy of the Psyche

Alchemical Symbolism in Psychotherapy

Edward F. Edinger

Narrated by James Robert Killavey

Available from Audible

Book published by Open Court

Anatomy of the Psyche is an empirical study by a distinguished Jungian analyst and author presenting case material and related examples from alchemy that throws new light on basic patterns of growing consciousness. Edward F. Edinger draws upon his long experience as a practicing psychotherapist and on his extensive knowledge of religion and myth to peel away the accidental and the insignificant to clarify the objective aspects of the psychotherapeutic process.

Edward F. Edinger was a medical psychiatrist, Jungian analyst and American writer.


“No other contribution has been as helpful as this for revealing, in a word, the anatomy of the psyche and how it applies to where one is in his or her process. This is a significant amplification and extension of Jung's work. Two hundred years from now, it will still be a useful handbook and an inspiring aid to those who care about individuation.”

Psychological Perspectives

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