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Polynesian Lifeways for the Twenty-First Century Second Edition

Richard Feinberg

Narrated by Erin C. Gray

Approximately 12 hours


Downloadable edition:

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Book published by The Kent State University Press

Richard Feinberg’s updated account of Anuta opens with a chapter on his varied experiences when he initially undertook fieldwork in this tiny, isolated Polynesian community in the Solomon Islands. The following chapters explore dominant cultural features, including language, kinship, marriage, politics, and religion—topics that align with subject matter covered in introductory anthropology courses. The final chapter looks at some of the challenges Anutans face in the twenty-first century. Like many other peoples living on small, remote islands, Anutans strive to maintain traditional values while at the same time becoming involved in the world market economy. In all, Feinberg gives readers magnificent material for studying the relations between demography, environment, culture, and society in this changing world.

Richard Feinberg is professor of anthropology at Kent State University. He is the author of several books on Polynesia.

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